Printing Auxiliaries

Transparent Printing Agent:
Burn Out Printing Agent:
3D Printing Agent:
Ripple Printing Paste:
3D Printing Agent:
Resist Printing Paste:

Fixresin PU-100 - For Transparent and ripple printing
Opalex BO-480 - Burn out printing agent for T/C & cotton
Printex AC-3D - 3D printing effect on acrylic blanket & carpet
Printex CUB-PT-3V - Colour ripple printing for polyester
Printex NY-3D - 3D pattern on nylon fabrics
Resistone XDP-5 - Colour resist printing paste for almost all dyestuffs
Dyeing Auxiliaries
Levelling Agent:
Quality Control:
Quality Control:
Qualtuy Control:
Fixing Agent:
Fixing Agent:
Fixing Agent:
Fixing Agent:
Esperin RP-7X - Dispersing and levelling agent
Amidex TS - Get on tone shade in spendex/nylon
Dyeresist ROX - Prevent staining of nylon/cotton dyeing
Dyeaid DRP-104 - Improve polyester dyeing reproducibility
Canfix SF-130 - Fixing agent for reactive and direct dye
Canfix SF-450X - High conc. fixing agent for reactive dye
Canfix SF-CL - Good resistance to chlorine water
Canfix Sun - Improve Light fastness
Finishing Auxiliaries
Fire Retardant:
Bleaching Accelerate:
UV Absorber:
Fireguard FR-PET-2 - Phosphate flame retardant for polyester fabrics
Proaid BST-7 - Accelerate Chlorine bleaching of indigo denim textiles
Sanitex UPF-550 - Improve light fastness by UV absorption


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